Send Dossier Materials Via Email

With a Dossier Deliver account, you can email materials from your Dossier, including confidential letters of recommendation, to institutions who accept email submissions of application materials. To ensure the integrity of this process when emailing confidential letters, our quality control agents will check to verify the email of the address you provide, and requesters never have access to a confidential recommendation.

An annual subscription costs $48 and pays for 50 academic deliveries.

Remember, applying to Interfolio-hosted positions is free. We have created separate articles about submitting application materials when applying to a position hosted by Interfolioand confidential letter uploads to online application systems.

It's also easy to send hard copies of application materials via USPS or Fed Ex.

Click the "Applications" link on your Interfolio Account Dashboard

Click "New Delivery" in the upper right corner of the next screen

Only upgraded Dossier Delivery accounts can be used to deliver materials. See here for more information on upgrading to Dossier Deliver.

Click "Email" to send an email delivery, and follow the steps below:

Click "New Application"
1. Enter the "Recipient information"

Be sure to enter the complete name of the recipient's institution or organization, and enter as much information as possible to ensure your documents are delivered into the right hands.

We also recommend that you include the address of a web page with information about the position, program, grant, etc. to which you are sending materials.

This is espcially important when sending confidential materials, because we verify the address provided here to ensure the security and integrity of the process.

Learn about address verification.

2. Add materials to your delivery

Add materials to the delivery from you computer or from you Dossier account.

Any materials added will be sent with your delivery, but will also be added to the "Materials" section of your Dossier, where they will be available to send to other destinations as well!

2.1. Click "Add Materials"

2.2. If you have not yet added materials to your Dossier account, you will need to do that now

2.3. If there are already files in your Dossier, you can select to include them -or- open the "Add New File" tab and drag & Drop or upload new files

2.4. After uploading a new file, select the type of material you are uploading, and click "Add"

If the correct material type does not appear as an option in the drop down menu, select "Other Document" from the drop down menu.  

2.5. Click "Continue"

3. Review and Confirm the details of your email delivery

All materials are converted to PDF format. This process of conversion may take a few moments. You will only be able to submit your application once all materials have been converted for delivery.

Note that your application has NOT been emailed yet! You will need to review the information and click "Submit Delivery" at the bottom left of the page.

Note the "Estimated Send Time." We perform a quality check on the documents you've asked us to send, and we verify that the email address you entered is a valid destination.

Learn about address verification.

Your materials will appear in the PDF file in the order they are listed here. To change this order,  hover over the list and click to drag & drop as shown below.

3.1. Click "Preview" to download a PDF showing how your materials will appear to reviewers

Note that confidential letters will be excluded from the preview, but will be sent with the delivery.

3.2. Click "Submit Delivery"

When your email delivery is submitted, you will see a success message. Click "View sent deliveries" to see the status of your delivery:

Sent Deliveries

From the "Sent Deliveries" page, you can search for recipients of sent deliveries, and sort your deliveries by status and type. Note that you can cancel deliveries from this screen as well.

See here for more information on the delivery statuses.

Remember, you can keep track of the status and progress of unfinished deliveries from the "Deliveries" page.