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Upload and Manage Materials with Your Dossier Account

You can store a variety of materials in your Dossier account including letters of recommendation, supporting documents such as CV's and cover letters, and examples of your writing and research.

We accept a range of file types and formats including videos, and links to webpages.

You can add tags to your materials so you can quickly locate them, organize your materials into collections for specific purposes, and view a history of changes made to your materials.

We will store your materials even after your account expires, so they’ll be there if you renew your account a few years later.

This article covers the procedures for uploading materials to your Dossier.

1. To get started, click "Materials" on your account dashboard

Click "Manage Dossier"

2. To add materials such as document and image files, click "Add Files" on your "My Materials" page

Click "Add File" on your Dossier Materials page

3. Drag & drop or browse to upload files

You can add multiple files at one time.

4. Select the type of material for each file you are uploading

Choose the material type from the dropdown menu

5. Give your files titles that will make them east to find in your Dossier

Give your file a title to help identify it in your Dossier

6. Click "Add"

The uploaded material will appear in your Dossier

Depending on the size of the file, it will take a few moments for our system to convert your document. When it's finished, the status will change from "Converting" to "Received."  

See here for more information on document and requested letter statuses.

You may need to refresh your browser to update the status.

The document will appear in your Dossier with the status "Converting," as shown below
You can click the file title to preview it in your browser and view a history of changes

The preview displays how your material will appear to reviewers:

You can also edit the title and type of the file from the preview page.

Click the "History" tab to view a history of changes made to the document

To add video to your Dossier account:

We currently support linking to videos with YouTube and Vimeo URLs.

6.1. Open the Video tab in the "Add File" window

6.2. Give your video a title

6.3. Indicate what type of material you are adding

The default is "Video," but you can indicate that your video file is to serve as another type of material, such as a personal statement or an essay.

6.4. Enter a YouTube or Vimeo URL linking to your video

The URL must be to a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

6.5. Enter a description to provide information or context for your video

6.6. Click "Add" and the video will be added to the list of materials in your Dossier

6.7. Click the title to preview your video

You can edit the title and description of the video from the preview window

Organizing your materials using tags:

Tags are bits of text that can help you organize your materials. See here for more information on using tags to organize your materials.

6.1. Select a file in the list of materials to create a new tag

6.2. Click "Tag" to create or add a tag to the selected files

6.3. Click the "plus" sign to add a tag to a document

Create Collections of your Materials

Click "Add To" to add materials to a collection or to create a new collection

Renaming your Documents

If you want to rename your document, you can do so when you are adding it to a delivery or Interfolio Faculty Search application. 

Follow along below to rename the default document title within your Dossier. 

Renaming your Confidential Letters

Click on the View Details document for the relevant document

Click the in the Title box to modify it

When finished editing the title of the document, click on the Save button

Renaming your Materials

Click in the Title text box

After the modifying the title, click the Save button