Resend a Request for a Letter of Recommendation

If, for any reason, your letter writer did not receive the email requesting your your letter, or if the original email has been misplaced and they need a new link, you can resend the original request email from your Dossier account. Follow these directions to resend your request.

If you are having trouble with an emailed request, you may want to ask your letter writer to check the spam folder of their email inbox.

Click "Letters" on your dashboard, or in the upper right navigation menu of most screens in the program

Click "Manage Dossier"

You will see a list of letters you have requested on the "My letters of Recommendation" tab

Note that you can sort this list by status to view completed, converting, declined, error documents, pending, and requested letters, or search for a letter by keywords in the title.

Locate your pending letter request and note the date the request was last sent

Locate your pending letter request and note the date the request was last sent

Click "Re-send Request" under the "Actions" column to the right

You will be asked to confirm:

We will resend the original letter request to your letter writer with a link to submit your letter of recommendation.

You may need to make sure your letter writer checks their spam folder. To ensure delivery, the letter writer can add to their contacts.

If you need to resend a request in printed form:

Click "View Details" under the "Actions" column to the right

Click "Download Cover Sheet" at the bottom left of the reader

To send a paper request, click the dropdown arrow and select "Download Cover Sheet"

Your letter writer will need to include this form as a cover sheet when they mail the recommendation to Interfolio.

Once we receive you recommendation we will scan it and upload it to your Dossier where it will be available for you use.