Manage Your Applications and Deliveries

Interfolio's Dossier allows you to easily track and manage the delivery of your materials to Interfolio-hosted positions for free.

With an updgrade to Dossier Deliver, you can send, track and manage deliveries of materials by email, post, or confidential letter uploads to online application systems.

Click "Deliveries" on your dashboard

Click "Applications" on your dashboard

This will open the "Deliveries" page

Here you will see a table listing the deliveries you have requested. "In Progress" deliveries appear at the top, and "Sent Deliveries" are listed further down the page.  

Columns in the table include; the recipient, status of the delivery (incomplete, in progress, preparing to send, etc.), any notes you have created about the delivery, the delivery type, and the actions you can take concerning the delivery.

To edit an "in progress" delivery, hit the edit button to the right of the table, or "Delete" to delete the delivery

You can "Review" non-editable, and sent deliveries

Sent deliveries can also be "Cancelled"

Scroll down the page to see a list of deliveries you have already sent. You can review and cancel sent deliveries.

Note that withdrawn Interfolio-hosted positions can be reactivated