Create Collections of Your Materials

You can organize the materials in your Dossier by creating "Collections" of related materials.  In Dossier, a collection is simply a group of materials gathered into one place to make them easier to find.

Use our collections feature to gather together materials for any purpose.  For example, create a collection of materials you are going to use for a specific job application. You could also create a collection that gathers together materials you typically use for applying to particular types of positions or fellowships.

2. Click the "Collections" tab

3. Click "Add Collection"

4. Name your collection

5. Click the name of your collection to begin adding materials

6. Click "Add Materials"

Add existing materials from your Dossier, or upload new materials to add to the collection

You can also add materials from other collections you've created

The materials you add are gathered into the collection

You can also add materials to a collection from the "All Materials" tab

6.1. Open "All Materials" and select one of more files in the list to add them to a collection. A new button will appear to the right of the page.

6.2. Click "Add To" and either select an existing collection or create a new one

To add tags to materials in a collection:

It may be useful to create and add tags to your materials so they are easy to find, to create reminders for yourself, or for any purpose you choose.

Select the materials you want to tag

Click "Tag" to add or create a tag to add to the selected materials

Add the new tag and click to save

Click the X to remove a tag,or the plus sign to add another

To remove materials from a collection:

Select the materials you want to remove

Click "Remove"

Confirm that you want to remove the materials

When you remove materials from a collection, you are not removing them from Dossier. The materials will remain in the list under "My Materials," and will remain in other collections.

To edit the name, or delete a collection:

Click "Select" to the right of the page where your collections are listed, and select "Edit" or "Delete"

Deleting a collection will not remove the materials it contains from your Dossier.