Use Guidelines to Prepare for Reviews

If your institution has partnered with us, you may be able to view guidelines based on review processes at your institution. You can search for and save these guidelines to reference as you gather materials into your Dossier, giving you a headstart in preparing for promotion and other reviews.

To get started, click "Materials" on your account screen

Click "Manage Dossier"

Click the "Guidelines" button at the top of the Materials page

This button will only display if the feature is available at your institution. If it does not display, it is not available.

Search for Guidelines

Select a unit from the dropdown menu

Search for guidelines using keywords

Save the guidelines you want to use

Preview guidelines

Click the title to open a preview of the guideline

The candidate instructions, document, and form requirements associated with the guideline will display

Click to preview required forms

Save guideline

You can save guidelines to refer to as you assemble your Dossier.

Your saved guidelines will appear at the top of the "Guidelines" page, for quick reference