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Upgrade or Renew your Dossier Deliver Account

Dossier Deliver allows you to send up to 50 academic deliveries for a flat annual fee of $48. With your subscription, you get 50 delivery credits. 1 delivery = 1 credit, regardless of the number of documents included in that delivery. Deliveries to Interfolio-hosted positions are always free and do not count against your 50 annual deliveries.

Collect your materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, and then send them out via email, web, or mail to academic jobs, post-docs, fellowships, and other opportunities.

With Dossier Deliver you can:

  1. Apply Anywhere: Send up to 50 deliveries of academic materials for under $50.
  2. Be Fully Supported: Focus on your application, not delivery details, with access to intelligent customer support for all technical and submission issues.
  3. Manage and Send Confidential Letters: Experience less hassle for letter writers (and requesters) with a system for soliciting, storing, and sending confidential letters.
  4. Collect and Curate: A single, secure location to gather and organize all necessary and confidential academic documents.
  5. Share and Receive Feedback on Your Materials: Send your non-letters to anyone via an email. The reviewer does not need an account to access your materials. 

Upgrading to Dossier Deliver:

Click "Deliveries" on the dashboard of your Interfolio Dossier account

Click "Learn More"

Until you upgrade, the "Learn More" link appears when you access the "Deliveries" page of your account, or when you click to create a new delivery.  

Upgrade or Manage your subscription & billing in the Account Settings

Click on your name in the upper right corner of the page, and click "Account Settings" in the dropdown menu

From the account settings page you can manage your subscription and billing information. Note the display of your remaining deliveries.

Enter your billing information and click "Upgrade Now"

Don't forget to enter any special offer codes you may have at this screen.

How to Renew your Account

If you have a special offer code that you would like to use when renewing your account, you can enter the code on your account page, and we will automatically apply the code when your subscription renews.

Note: If you have an offer code for a subscription longer than 1 year, we will apply the full value of your offer code.

Follow the instructions below to apply an offer code to use when renewing your account.

Click your name at the top right of the account dashboard and select "Account Settings"

Open the "Subscription & Billing" tab

Click "Apply an offer code to my next renewal"

Enter the code and click "Apply"

We will automatically apply the code when your subscription renews!