View Sent Deliveries

As a Dossier Deliver subscriber, you can keep track of your job search by tracking the deliveries you send. You can filter the list of sent deliveries by recipient name, delivery status, and delivery type (email, mail, letter uploads, and Interfolio-hosted positions). You can also reactivate cancelled deliveries to Interfolio-hosted positions from "Sent Deliveries."

Go to the "Deliveries" section of your account

You can also access "Deliveries" from the upper right corner of most screens in the program

On the "Deliveries" page, scroll down and click "View all sent deliveries"

Sent deliveries appear in a table organized by recipient, delivery status, and delivery type

You can filter the list by delivery type

Delivery types include email, mail, confidential letter upload, and Interfolio-hosted position.

Depending on the delivery type, you can take various actions such as reviewing, canceling or editing your delivery

Look to the right of the page under "Actions." If a delivery is editable, it will be labeled as such in the "Notes" column.  

Note that you can reactivate withdrawn Interfolio-hosted positions until the deadline for applying has passed