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Search for Employment and Fellowship Opportunities in Dossier

It's a snap to search for job and other opportunities through your Interfolio account. When you find a position you like, you can use the materials in your Dossier to apply!

You can search for opportunities by institution name, position title, type of position, or any keyword. Your search results will automatically include positions hosted through Interfolio that match your search terms.

You can apply directly to positions listed with us, for free, with the push of a button. If you have an existing Dossier Deliver account, applications to Interfolio-hosted positions don't count against your 50 annual deliveries.

You can also opt to trigger a search for your terms on the job listing services of Inside Higher Ed, HigherEd Jobs, and HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium). When you find an opportunity that interests you on one of these listing services, use the materials in your Dossier to apply!

Select "Deliveries" from the left hand navigation menu

Click "Applications" on your dashboard

This will open the "Deliveries" page

Here you will see a table listing the deliveries you have requested. "In Progress" deliveries appear at the top, and "Sent Deliveries" are listed further down the page.  

Columns in the table include; the recipient, status of the delivery (incomplete, in progress, preparing to send, etc.), any notes you have created about the delivery, the delivery type, and the actions you can take concerning the delivery.

Click "New Delivery" in the upper right corner

Finding an Opportunity

Scroll down to "Find an Opportunity"

If you have not yet upgraded your account to include a Dossier Deliver subscription, you will be prompted to upgrade. You can ignore the upgrade popup box and follow the instructions below to search for opportunities listed through Interfolio.

Try searching for the name of an institution, a position title, or position type.

Your results will display matching Interfolio-hosted positions

You can filter the list by:

  • Position name
  • Institution name (alphabetically)
  • Location (alphabetically)
  • Deadline

Click the title to view position details such as description, qualifications, etc.

Click "Start Application" to apply

Click the appropriate button to search for opportunities matching your keywords on the job boards of Inside Higher Ed, HigherEd Jobs, and HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium)

You can apply online for many positions listed on each of these sites. Follow the application instructions, and use the materials stored in your Dossier to apply!

Inside Higher Ed:

HigherEd Jobs