Download Application Materials

Evaluators can download application materials one document at a time, download an entire packet of application materials, or  select and download the application materials of a group of applicants.

Click "View Positions"

Select the position you are evaluating from the list of positions

To download application materials for one or more selected applicants:

1. Select one or more applicants from the list

2. Click the "Additional Options" icon to the right of the page, and select "Download" from the dropdown menu

3. You will recieve an email and a notification when your download is ready

4. Click to download your materials

The example below is for downloading materials from the notifications menu, but you can also download these materials through the email you receive, or from your Notifications center.

The application materials will be downloaded as zipped collection of PDF files

To download individual documents from an application:

Click the download icon for the individual document that appears to the right of the page

The selected document will be downloaded as a PDF file.