Email Committee Members

Administrators and Committee Managers can email an entire committee or just select members of a committee from within ByCommittee P&T. It's also easy to send these emails to other P&T users not serving on the committee. 

It is also possible to share committee materials with committees in the workflow of a case.

Please see here for more detailed instructions on sharing case materials with committees and other P&T users.

Open the "Committee Details" tab

Click "Email" at the top of the list of Committee Members

Set who will receive the email

By default the current committee is listed, click "x" to select a different committee

Select a committee from the list of committees in the workflow, or start typing the name of a specific P&T user at your institution

You can specifiy multiple committees and individuals.

Enter the subject, message and click "Send" when you are ready

Click "Preview" to see how the message will look in the recipient's inbox.

If you need to share case materials with the committee:

Click "Add" at bottom left of the email form

Select the materials you want to share

No files will be directly attached to the email. Recipients will recieve email notification that files have been shared, and will need to login to their account to view the shared files.