Candidate's Guide to Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure

We have created a secure, user friendly interface that allows candidates to quickly and easily assemble a packet of materials for their review and submit these materials online.

This article explains what to expect as the candidate of a review conducted using Interfolio's ByCommittee service. You can generate a PDF and print this article from the sidebar to the left of this page.

If your institution uses ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure to conduct its review process online, you will be asked to submit a packet of review materials via Interfolio’s ByCommittee service.

Before you begin, an administrator will create a case for you that includes instructions for submitting your packet with all the required documents and forms.


You will be notified that your case is ready via email

Select “View Case” in the email

When you select “View Case” in this email you will be prompted to create a password that generates the Interfolio account you will use to collect and submit materials for your packet.

If you already have an Interfolio account, the "View Case" button will take you to your account dashboard.

Notification Email

Activate your account

You may beed to enter password to activate your Interfolio account.

Enter a password and accept our Terms of Service and click to activate your account

View your packet instructions and requirements:

Click "View"

You will see an "Overview" page listing the required materials and forms you will need to add to your packet.

Click "Instructions" in the upper right corner of the page to view any instructions provided by your institution for assembling your packet

Candidate Packet Screen

Your packet will likely be divided into sections, each with a list of materials you will need to upload in order to complete each section.

If a due date has been set, you will also see the due date for each section. Each section of the packet can be submitted once all requirements for the section have been met.

Note that individual packet sections can have unique due dates.

Add files to satisfy packet requirements:

Click "Work on Packet"

This will open a page where you can upload files to satisfy packet requiremements.

Click "Add File" to upload materials to your packet

Drag and drop, or browse to upload document or image files

Make sure you give the files in your packet a meaningful title because reviewers will see the titles you provide as bookmarks to the left of the page when reviewing your documents. By default, the name that will appear to reviewers is the name of the file as you upload it, but you can also edit the title of a file after adding it to your packet.

You can upload multiple files at one time.

Upload your files and click "Add"

To add video and webpages to your packet:

Note that when you link to a video or webpage, you will be asked to add a title. The title you provide here  will be the title the committee sees in your packet when reviewing the material, so make sure you give your file a useful title before linking to it.

If you want to make sure that only committee members can see your video, you will need to set up the correct privacy settings on YouTube or Vimeo. See here for instructions on how to share access to a protected YouTube or Vimeo video.

Make sure to add a title and description to provide context for your link.

Look for the green check mark when you have satisfied a requirement

When a requirement is satisfied it appears with a green check mark. Likewise, completed sections are marked "Complete."

If you need to edit or replace a document, click the edit pencil or trash can

You can edit the title of the file, or click "Replace" to choose a new file to replace it.

Click "Review and Submit" when you are ready to submit completed sections

Select which sections of your packet you want to submit

Only sections with completed requirements will appear in the list.

You can preview your packet before submitting:

The preview shows exactly how the packet you are submitting will appear to your committee. A sample preview is shown below.

Click "Submit Packet" when you are ready

Your packet will be sent to the appropriate committee for review.

Locked Sections

If a section is labled as a "Locked Section," this means your institution has opted to restrict editing after submission. Please contact an administrator at your institution if you have questions about a locked section.  

Viewing files shared with you by the committee:

The committee reviewing your case may share files for you to review. The committee may also allow you to respond to the shared files in writing, and may set a date when the response is due.  

If the committee shares files with you, you will get an email prompting you to log in and view the shared files. You will also see a notification that files are available for your review.

You will need to be logged in to view and/or respond to files shared with you by the committee

Open the file in our materials reader

You will see a list of files shared with you. Click the title of the file, or "View" to open the file in our materials reader

Responding to shared files:

If you are allowed to respond to the content of the file, you will see a link labeled "Respond," and a due date for when your response is due.

Please Note: This is a hard deadline, and you cannot respond to the shared files after the due date.

Click "Respond"

-or- open the file in our materials reader and click "Send Response"

Upload a file with your response

Click to "Send"

Submitted responses will appear along with shared files in the list Committee Files