Evaluations Report

The evaluations reports allows administrators with proper permissions with an easy way to view and navigate reports in their units.

Select a range and make any faculty configurations to narrow or expand the filter.

After running a report an administrator can drill down in two different methods, either Evaluation Titles, or Faculty Being Evaluated.

Process Title is the name of the Evaluation process.
Evaluation Titles are the number of times an evaluation was used.
Faculty Being Evaluated is  the number of faculty that wer evaluated.
Evaluation titles and faculty being evaluated are the columns available to help navigate to the relevant evaluations, selecting a value there will drill down into the column.

Drill down into the evaluation titles

Select one of the numbers in the Evaluation Titles Column.

From there you can choose whether to display Faculty Being Evaluated or the currently Submitted Evaluations.

Associated faculty members in the top row are displayed.

Or, If you click on the Total Faculty Evaluations Number (displayed below)

Select one of the numbers in the faculty being evaluated column.

Select an evaluation title associated with a the faculty member. Their information is displayed on the left.

Faculty responses are condensed into a form for easy viewing by an adminsitrator.