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Add Youtube and Vimeo Videos to Your Dossier

You can add video to your Dossier account by linking to YouTube or Vimeo videos.

If you want to share your video only with the people reviewing your materials, you can control who has access to the video by changing the privacy settings for your video in YouTube or Vimeo.

See here for instructions on sharing a URL to a protected YouTube or Vimeo video.

Access your Dossier by clicking "Materials" on your account screen

Click "Add Files"

Open the Video tab in the "Add File" window

Give your video a title

Indicate what type of material you are adding

The default is "Video," but you can indicate that your video file is to serve as another type of material, such as a personal statement or an essay.

Enter a YouTube or Vimeo URL linking to your video

The URL must be to a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

Enter a description to provide information or context for your video

Click "Add" and the video will be added to the list of materials in your Dossier

Click the title to preview your video

You can edit the title and description of the video from the preview window

You can also delete or archive your video from the preview screen.