Download Case Materials

If enabled, users in Interfolio P&T can download case materials to which they have access. If downloads are enabled for the entire packet, all materials (other than video or web links) can be downloaded in a Zip or PDF file. materials can also be downloaded one at a time or all together from the materials viewer. This article explains both processes.

For security reasons, downloads are not direct. Users can access downloaded case material at any time from the Notifications center.

The 'download'  ability can be restricted at an institutional level and disabled for all users. 

Sign in to Interfolio P&T

You can sign in from the top right corner of our website at

Note that you can sign in using your Google account, or sign in through one of our partner institutions.

See here for more information on signing in to Interfolio.

Select "View Cases" on your account dashboard

Select "View Cases" on your ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure dashboard

This displays the list of cases you can review or manage:

This displays the list of cases you can review or manage

Select materials to download

Note that a manager in the program may have disabled downloading for certain files. If so, the file will be marked "Not Downloadable" and will not be included in your download.

Click "Download" and choose to download selected materials as a PDF or Zip file

Choose PDF to download the seleted materials in a single PDF file. Choose ZIP to download a zipped file of each document as a PDF.

Only PDF and image files can be downloaded. If you have selected multimedia files, you will see a notice as shown below, and these files will not be included in your download.

You will receive an email prompting you to log in and get your downloaded materials

Look for an email with links to your documents
Visit your Notifications page to retrieve downloaded case materials

Click the notifications icon

Click "Download Ready"

Click to download your files

You can also download case materials from the reader:

Annotations added to materials are not included when downloading files. See here for instructions on exporting and downloading your annotations.

Click "Read"

Click "Download" and choose to download the enitre packet or the currently diplayed document