Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.10.03

This release features improvements to performance and accessibility as well as the bug fixes and improvements listed below.

FIXED: Cannot emulate faculty member after selecting single faculty through faculty picker:

Fixed issue when going to Admin > Administration > Tools > Emulate user. Using faculty picker and searching for a faculty tried to emulate that faculty => The Ok Button was not working.

FIXED: NIH Biosketch Word Export:

Fixed issue with strange formatting when exporting the Biosketch to Word. 

FIXED: Manage Lock Vita is only locking one at a time:

Fixed a problem with the Manage Locked Vitas page in Evaluations only locking one document at a time even though multiple are selected.

FIXED:  User in Production but taken to Dev database:

Fixed issue with user navigating from RPT to F180 being taken to their dev database. If the click F180 when they first log in, it takes them to production. But if they are going between RPT and F180 they are taken to dev.

FIXED: Faculty unable to set the year that an activity ended:

Fixed issue with  faculty being unable to change the activity ended date of an activity on the initial attempt. When trying to change the activity from ongoing to ended the year dropdown is not displaying correctly and user is unable to set a year. However, if you navigate away from the page and go back, the dropdown displays correctly.