Faculty Search Release Notes - 2019.10.03

This release includes what should be a dramatic increase in performance of the Positions List, especially for institutions with a positions count totaling in the hundreds.

ADDED: Display pagination for the Positions page:

As part of a broader effort to improve performance on the Position List page in Faculty Search, we have implemented pagination to lessen the load time. RPT users should be able to navigate various pages of Positions via pagination, so that long lists of Positions do not hinder performance or their user experience. An FS user, with access to Positions List page with at least 25 Positions will see a ‘Pagination’ bar at the bottom of the page. The existing Search and Filtering functionality should function as designed for ALL Positions (not just positions listed on the page).

FIXED: EEO report showing incorrect spelling of word "American":

Corrected spelling error for an EEO report In the column title of section Race/Gender the word American is miss-spelled "Amercian."

ADDED: Add Help text to windows:

Administrator or committee manager can see the recipients of their message so they can be confident in decision to email them together.vAdministrator or Committee Manager can select to email more than one applicant from the Applicant List (positions/id). They should see the following information under the "Email Applicants" header. And when messaging more than one applicant, recipients will never see the names or email addresses of other applicants being contacted.