Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.11.12

CHANGED: Allow for custom field configuration on vita output:

Added an additional option to custom section field configuration for vita output. This affects all clients.  For any field in any custom section, we’ve expanded the display options, allowing you to indicate whether that field should appear in any/all of:

  • Traditional tabular summary output
  • Vita output (i.e. institutional vita)
  • Biosketch output (i.e. biosketches OR personal vitas)

This adjustment to the display options is useful when generating NIH and NSF biosketches and other personal vitas because it enables you to suppress specific fields in a custom section from appearing in the biosketch or personal vita output (just as you could already do for an institutional vita). 

So, for example, suppose your Interfolio Faculty180 configuration includes a custom section for “Positions and Employment”which contains many fields you wish to appear on the biosketch output, but some fields that contain “internal” information (like a record number, or the source office that holds the record) which you don’t want to appear on the biosketch output. 

Previously, every field in this section appeared on the biosketch output. Now, you can pick and choose which fields in the section should appear.

FIXED (Reopened issue):  Faculty Status Issue, Emulation Selection:

Faculty Status was not showing correctly when selecting a faculty member for emulation. The Faculty Selection Tool was using the incorrect 'term' to determine the list of available faculty.