Faculty180 Release Notes: 2020.01.08

FIXED:  Problem with Vitas summing text fields:

Previously,  in reporting, text fields sum if there are numbers entered into the field. This was based on a long standing client request. To update this feature, we now: 

  • Allow the user to select if that field should sum
  • Migrate existing clients to have the sum selected
  • Set the default for future implementations to have the sum turned off

This should apply when both numbers and text are selected as the dropdown type.

This was the result of a client noticing that their vita's were summing text fields that have numbers in them, event hough this behavior was not desired in all cases. 

When a faculty member filling out an activity is working on an entry that has a custom Comments field, and the user leaves that field blank, then the Vita output should display that field as empty or hide the field. Previously, when working on an entry that has a custom Comments field and leaving that field blank, the Vita was displaying [Additional Documents] for that field instead of leaving it blank. So users were seeing "[Additional Documents]" appear in Comments on Vita outputs, if the input had that field blank. But if it is blank, there should not be any text there.