Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.01.08

FIXED: Unable to Delete Tags From Applicants:

Fixed system wide issue where API call was not being made when deleting tags. Client noticed that they could not remove tags from their applicants. When they clicked the 'x' to remove a tag, the tag would disappear but if you refreshed the page or left the position and came back to it, the tags would reappear. There were several applicants in a search that had 'yes' and 'no' tags. The search committee could not remove the tags, and also did not have the ability to filter the applicants because the applicant's with 'yes' and 'no' were also appear when filtering for 'yes'.

  • When an FS Admin clicks on the remove icon next to a label applied on an application visible in the applications table, the label should be removed without error.
  • When an FS Admin adds an existing label to an application, the label is displayed on the application row without having to refresh the page. 
  • When an FS Admin adds a brand new label to an application, it should be applied to the application row without having to refresh the page

Added: Make cells with multiple form response selection pipe delimited:

To help Search users better manipulate data exported via .csv, we now use “pipes” rather than spaces, to separate multiple responses contained within an individual cell.

  • When downloading data from Search that includes form data with multiple responses in a single cell, then those responses should be separated by a pipe, rather than a space. This applies to:
    • Form responses with multiple responses in the Applications Report
    • Form responses with multiple responses in the Forms Report