Faculty180 Release Notes: 2020.03.18

FIXED: Emulate user table no longer shows negative numbers:

Fixed issue happening when emulating a user and changing the "Assigned to the unit as" dropdown to Secondary or Both. This was producing a negative number of faculty members. This issue was also occurring when attempting to look up faculty through the Faculty page. Now, changing the "Assigned to the unit as" drop-down only produces results if there are faculty available to be emulated. If no faculty meet the criteria, the results table will remain blank or display 0.

FIXED: Save button no longer removes activity from input form:

A user viewing a section of the activity input form that is not editable will not see an edit button because they should not be able to edit the section. Instead, the user will see a VIEW button. When they select the View button, the section will expand so the user can see all data within. When viewing a section of the activity input form that is not editable, the user will not see a SAVE button because the section is not editable by the user.

FIXED: Editing support account email  no longer causes error or deactivates account:

Fixed a problem happening when editing the email of a support account. Clicking "Save" or "Save and Go Back" was causing an "Oops an error has occurred" error message. After going back in to find the support account, none of the email changes were sticking, and the account would come back inactive. This issue was fixed by a patch ticket that addressed a syncing issue in our system that was happening when an existing user in F180 has their email updated.