Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.04.02

FIXED: Apps loading in IE11 as expected:

Fixed an issue preventing our home page from loading as expected in Internet Explorer 11.

FIXED: Applications Reports exported from Faculty Search are displaying disposition code and initial submission code correctly:  

Fixed issue with erroneous characters and text displaying in CSV export of Applications Reports. When exporting to CSV, the Applications Report correctly displays the Last Date Sent and First Date Sent formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.

ADDED: Provide position closed date and position type filter in Super Admin:

When institutional administrators ask Interfolio to purge applicant data for positions that have closed between a particular date range, then an account manager can go to Super Admin, select those filters, and receive a list of all the positions with applicants that will be deleted so they can validate it.

The feature  will support the future workflows we will build out in Super Admin:

  • Choose your tenant
  • Choose your date range
  • Choose the position type (dynamic/prepopulated)
  • Receive a csv file to manually validate the applicants that will be deleted
  • Once validated. AM will press delete and applicants will be deleted AND positions that have 0 applicants will not be archived.

Date range is based off when a position CLOSES. Positions are considered closed when the admin follows the workflow to close a position when the search is entirely done (hire or no hire). This scenario is often referred to as ‘archived’ and is the date that we would use for purging.

To accommodate different position types with different purge schedules; position types returned include default types we have in our system OR a custom type the institution has created..