Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.04.29

FIXED: Sending a hire approval back to step zero now displays correctly:

Fixed an issue in Faculty Search, happening when an applicant is chosen and the position moves to step one in the approval process.

Before: If the approver attempts to send the position back to step zero, the only option displayed was to send the position to "Untitled Position." This caused confusion for approvers and administrators.

Now: If a position is moved from step 1 of the approval process back to step zero, the "send to" option will be labeled with the title of the position or the Admin who will be notified. An FS user viewing the position name will see the actual position name in the following areas:

  • Home action items
  • The Positions page (list of positions)
  • The Applications page (list of applicants)
  • Overview and reviews of the position
  • Navigation breadcrumbs
  • Reports