RPT Release Notes 2020.04.29

This release features enhancements to the Case List of Review, Promotion & Tenure and a fix to the display of an organizational hierarchy

ADDED: RPT Administrators can now add or remove case statuses in bulk when viewing options on the list of cases:

An RPT Administrator viewing their list of cases can apply or remove a status to or from multiple cases. 

Adding a case status in bulk:

When an RPT Administrator viewing the list of cases selects at least 1 case, they will see a More Options action in the actions bar as the last option on the right.

  • Selecting More Options presents two options in a dropdown menu: Add Status and Remove Status
    • When the admin selects the Add Status option they see a window with a message that indicates the number of selected cases and indicates that the action will override any existing status currently applied to these cases.
  • Users will also see a dropdown with all existing institution statuses and an option to search for or select a status. 
  • Create Custom Status is last in the list of available statuses.
    • When the user selects Create Custom Status they will see a required input for the Custom Status Name
    • When the user selects to Save the new status they are returned to the Case List where they will see the status applied to the cases they selected. The case list should remain filtered (if filters were applied) with the cases still selected. 

Removing a case status in bulk: 

When an RPT Administrator viewing the list of cases selects at least 1 case, and selects More Options action in the actions bar and then  selects the Remove Status option, they see a verification window asking them to confirm the removal and reminding them that the status will be removed from the selected case(s)

When the user selects Save on the Case List, the status is removed from the cases selected and the case list should remain filtered (if filters were applied).

ADDED: New filter drawer on the Case List:

We have added a new filter that appears on the right side of the Case List.

Before: Filters appeared across the top of the Case List with a dropdown menu to select possible filters to use on the list of cases. 

Now: The Filter button on the Case List will open a vertically oriented collapsible panel on the right side of the page. 

This drawer includes the following filters: 

  • For Admins: Unit, Type, Status, Active or Closed
  • For Committee Managers: Unit, Type, Status
  • Evaluator: Type, Status

The Unit section:

  • Select a specific unit
  • Toggle for displaying children units (default - true)

Type: (multi-select values)

Case Status: (multi-select values)

Active/Closed: (multi-select values)

Each filter heading is collapsible within the filter well.

  • When a user is on the Case List and 1 or more filters are applied to their list, they will see applied filters presented as pills across the top of the table
  • When the selects a new filter, the pill should appear in the same order as the filters (units first, type second, state third)
  • When the user applies the Include Child Unit filter Include Child Units should be its own pill within the Units filter group
  • Users can Reset Filters to the default state of the list
FIXED: Organizational structure dropdown now displays correctly

We have improved the experience of viewing the organizational structure of an institution in RPT’s Users & Units. When an RPT user is viewing Users & Units > Committees Tab > and clicks Add Committee button, or when the user goes from Users & Units > Committees Tab > and clicks Edit (the pencil icon) on any of the existing committees, the window is now longer and wider, and the unit picker fills the majority of the width of the window. 

Before: The view of the organizational structure dropdown prevented units with long names or names that must reference other units from being selectable and displaying legibly.

Now: It is possible to view and select units as expected