Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.09.16

Fixed - Position approval no longer required for templates with selection approvals:  

Previously, positions that have a template set up for a selection approval process, but that do NOT require position approval, were being required to go through a position approval workflow. After this fix, when a template is set up for a type and unit for selection approval, and NOT position approval, then creating a position under that same type and unit does not require positions to go through the position approval process.

Added - Faculty Search now logs position close details in the activity log

In Faculty Search, the act of closing a position is now logged in the activity log. This is for both positions that have a selection approval template and those that do not. When a Faculty Search administrator closes a position and either selects an applicant OR does not, they will see details of when the position was closed and by whom in the activity logs as follows:

  • Message for no selection: <User name> (email) closed this position. No applicant was selected.
  • Message when applicants selected: <User name> (email) closed this position. Applicant(s) selected to fill this position: <applicant name(s)>

Fixed - Activity log displays accurate selection approval information as expected:

Fixed issue with Faculty Search activity log display missing information for positions going through the selection approval process. When a position was moved from the evaluation step to selection approval, the log was recording it incorrectly. When an administrator or committee manager moves a position from evaluation to the selection approval process, the activity log displays an entry that says:

  • user_name (email_address) moved the position from the evaluation step to Step 1 of x: step_1_name.

The character limit for position type in Faculty Search was previously 50 characters, that has been updated to 255 characters. When under Administration > Position Settings > Position Types and adding or editing a position type, the user can enter up to 255 characters.

Added - New message template dropdown on Requirements page:

Administrator or committee manager creating or editing a position can choose the option to send applicants an email on the “Required Documents” page, and can select an email template to pre-populate the message. When the user selects to “Insert Message Template,” they will see a dropdown with the message templates available to the unit of the position and above along with a search option. When the user selects a template the fields (From Name, Reply to, Subject & Message) will pre-populate (but remain editable). When the user selects a new template to use, the new template will replace the fields (From Name, Reply to, Subject & Message) with the new template information. 

Added - "From Name" and "Reply-To" fields added to Requirements email:

When a Faculty Search user creating/editing a position marks the 'Send a message on application submission' field, they now see the ‘From Name’ and ‘Reply-To’ fields appear along with the ‘Subject’ and ‘Body' fields. When the user marks the 'Send a message on application submission' field and selects an email template, the ‘From Name’ and ‘Reply-to’ fields appear with pre-populated values per the template settings.