Email a Candidate

Administrators and Committee Managers can send candidates email messages from the Case page in Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure.

It is also possible to share files with the candidate and allow the candidate to submit a response/rebuttal to the files shared with them.

See here for detailed instructions on sharing case materials with a candidate.

Navigate to the case you want to edit by clicking on the name of the candidate in the list of cases

Click the "Case Options" menu at the top right of the page and select "Email Candidate"

Enter subject and message and click "Send"

The current return email address appears to the right of the form.

Click "Preview" to see how the message will look in the candidate's inbox.

If you need to share files with the candidate:

Click "Add" at the bottom of the form

Select files to share

Candidate's will receive an email with instructions to sign in and view shared committee files.

Click "Enable File Response" to the right of the page if you want users to respond to the file

Check this box to allow recipients to submit a file in response to the message and attached files.

Enter a message reason, and a deadline,

Select the section where you want the response to appear on the case page

When an administrator or committee manager shares a file with a candidate and enables the option to submit a response, the user can set the response to post to any section when the response comes in.