The Candidate Experience of an Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure Review

We have created a secure, user friendly interface tha allows candidates to quickly and easily assemble a packet of materials in support of their candidacy and submit these materials online where they can be accessed by the committees, offices, or individuals hearing the candidate's case.

When administrative users create an RPT case for a candidate, they are also creating the page where the candidate will go to assemble their review packet. The page lists the required documents, materias, and forms, as well as due dates and instructions for assembling the candidate's packet.

The following article explains the candidate's experience of a Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure review.

Notification Email

When a case is created for a candidate, they will receive an email notifying them that a review has been initiated on their behalf, and prompting them to log in and begin working on their packet of materials to be submitted via Review, Promotion, & Tenure.

Notification Email

Accessing their packet

Once logged in, the candidate will select "Your packets" from the screen to left

Click "View"

The Candidate Packet Overview

The candidate will see an "Overview" page listing the required materials and forms you will need to add to your packet.

The candidate will click "Edit Packet" to begin work on their packet

The candidate can click "View Packet Instructions" in the upper right corner of the page to view any instructions provided by your institution for assembling your packet

Their packet will likely be divided into sections, each with a list of materials to upload in order to complete each section.

If a due date has been set, the candidate will also see the due date for each section. Each section of the packet can be submitted once all requirements for the section have been met.

Note that individual packet sections can have unique due dates.

If enabled by an administrator, the candidate may also be able to add sections to the packet. If this feature is enabled, they will see an "Add Section" button.

Adding Materials

Satisfying Application Requirements

Candidates will see each packet section with the application requirements listed below them. The packet section will be labeled "Incomplete" until all required documents or forms have been submitted for the packet section.

Application Requirements

When a requirement is completed, a check mark will appear next to the requirement. Sections are also marked off as they are completed.  

Form requirements are marked "View" and will be marked off as the candidate completes them.

Responding to shared files:

If a candidate has been sent a shred file and allowed to respond to the content of the file, they will see a link labeled "Respond," and a due date for when the response is due.

Please Note: This is a hard deadline, and candidates cannot respond to the shared files after the due date.

The candidate will click "Respond"

-or- open the file in our materials reader and click "Send Response"

Upload a file with their response

Click to "Send"

Submitted responses will appear along with shared files in the list Committee Files

Review and Submit Packet

Candidates click "Review and Submit" when they are ready to submit their packet, or a portion of it.

If a packet has sections with separate due dates, the candidate can submit each section individually once all required materials are uploaded for the section.  

After clicking "Review and Submit," the candidate is presented with a list of completed sections and can choose which sections to submit.  

The candidate can click "Preview" to see how the packet sections they are submitting will look upon submission.

Review and Submit Packet

A sample preview is pictured below: