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Use Bookmarks for Packet Organization

In addition to bookmarking the titles of packet materials, Interfolio will automatically bookmark the bolded headings, sections, and subsections within the uploaded documents. Reviewers will see these bookmarks nested beneath the document title, allowing attention to be drawn to specific locations in longer documents. This article will cover best practices when utilizing this feature.


Note that bookmarks cannot be edited within the reader, but can be edited within Adobe. Check out this article About Page Thumbnails for more information.


When creating bookmarks, Interfolio will automatically recognize bolded sections and headline formatting in documents created in word processors and similar document editing programs. The title of the file as it appears in the packet will appear in bold. Any bookmarks in the file are automatically shown in bold and will appear as subsections in the table of contents (TOC) of the packet on the left hand pane of the document reader.


Preview Packet

Navigation: Your Packets > Packet Name > Preview Packet

  1. Click Your Packets from the navigation bar.
    Your Packets selected under the Home button
  2. Click the Name of the desired packet.
  3. Click Preview Packet at the top right of the page. Select the tabs below to view more information on reviewing section(s) of a packet.

    Review multiple sections

    i. Select the Packet tab.

    ii. Select the applicable section(s) using the checkboxes.

    iii. Click Preview Sections to view the sections in the document reader.
    Packet tab selected with Preview Sections button selected


    Review one section

    i. Select the Packet tab.

    ii. Click the Preview button adjacent to the desired section to view.


Documents can be dragged and dropped within the Packet tab.

  • Move one or more fulfillments from one requirement to another
  • Reorder fulfillments within the same requirement
  • Cannot move or rearrange fulfillments in a locked requirement

If a section is labeled as Locked this means the institution has opted to restrict editing after submission. Please contact an administrator at the institution for further questions about locked sections.