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Job Applicant's Guide to Interfolio Faculty Search

When you apply to an Interfolio-hosted position, you will be given a free Interfolio Dossier account that you can use to collect and submit your materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, all for free. Using our convenient, easy to undertand online application process, you can fulfill specific requirements set by the institution, complete any forms they have requested, and review your completed application at any time.

When you've completed applying for your Interfolio-hosted position, you'll still have your free Dossier account for collecting and storing materials. You can also search for more opportunities from directly within our program.

Applying and sending materials to Interfolio-hosted positions is always free, but we encourage you to consider signing up for our premium service, Dossier Deliver, so you can send the materials in your Dossier wherever you need them to go! Click here to learn more about the advantages of Dossier Deliver.

Click "Apply Now" on a position announcement

If an institution is using Faculty Search to run a search, you will be able to apply online just by clicking the "Apply Now" button in the position announcement.


Sign in if you already have an account with us, or click to "create an account"

Note that you can sign in with your institutional ID if you have a Dossier account through your institution, or sign in using your Google account.

If you need to create an account:

Fill out the account info, create a password, agree to our terms of service and click "Sign Up."


Complete your profile in order to start your application

Complete your profile to get started. We will provide this information to the institution to which you are applying.

Applying to an Interfolio-hosted position is a guided step-by-step process. An overview of the application steps are listed to the right of the screen.

Steps that still need completion will be marked by a red exclamation point.


Upload required materials to the application

You will see a list of required materials along with the number required.

You will need to satisfy all document requirements before submitting your application.

Click "Add File" to add required materials

Open the "Add New File" tab to upload materials from your computer to the application

You can add files from a few different sources, but if this is your first time using Interfolio's Dossier to apply for a position, open the "Add New File" tab to begin adding materials to the application.

All materials you add here will automatically appear in your Dossier account where you can use them for other purposes such as future reviews or applying for other opportunities.

From here, you can drag & drop, or browse for files to upload. You can also add links to videos and webpages if necessary.

See here for more information on how to link to webpages in your Dossier and how to add Youtube and Vimeo videos to your Dossier.

Once you have selected a file to upload, select the type of materials you are uploading from the dropdown menu

"Type" describes the material and indicates which requirement it satisfies such as; C.V., cover letter, research statement, etc.

Click to "Add"

A green check mark indicates when you have satisfied a requirement

You can also add files that you've previously uploaded to your Dossier:

If you have already uploaded materials to your Dossier account they will show up in the dropdown list on the tab labeled "Choose Existing."

Select all the materials to include and click "Add"

-or- click "Collections" to open a tab where you can select materials from your saved collections


Use Dossier to request and add confidential letters of recommendation:

If your application requires a confidential letter of recommendation, you can request that letter through Dossier. We will automatically attach the letter of recommendation to your application when we receive it from your letter writer.

Click "Add File" under the requirement for confidential letters of recommendation

You can choose to use a letter you already have in your Dossier, or request a new recommendation

Note that you can filter the list by keyword to quickly find particular letters. Simply enter your keywords and select "Filter."

To use existing recommendations" Select "All" to add all letters of recommendation in your account to the application, or select the individual letters you want to include, and click "Add"

To request a new recommendation, open the "Request a Recommendation" tab, and click the "Request" button to begin the process

Fill out the recommendation request form and hit the "Send Request' button

See the following article for more detailed information on requesting a recommendation through Interfolio.

You will receive an email notification that your letter request has been sent.

When we receive the recommendation from your letter writer, we will automatically attach it to the application, and add the letter to your Dossier materials

Your request will appear with the status "Requested" until the letter writer accepts or denies the request. If they accept, the status will be listed as "Pending" until we receive the letter. Note that to complete the requirement, you only need to have requested the letter. The requirement is considered complete when all required letters have been requested and have a status of added.


As you add required materials, you can preview how they will appear to the  recipient or reviewer

After uploading a document or other material, and once the material is marked "Received," click the name of the document to preview how it will appear to the recipient reviewing your application

This opens a preview of the file

When enough documents have been added to satisfy a requirement, a green check will display for the entire section


If you need to edit, delete, or replace an uploaded document, you can do so from the documents page of the application. Click the edit pencil

This will allow you to change the title and type of the document, or to replace it with a new document

Click the trash icon to delete a document from the application

When deleted from here, the document will be removed from the application ONLY. A copy will remain stored in your Dossier account.

Confirm that you want to remove the document from the application

To replace a document, click "Replace" in the bottom right corner of the window

Select a replacement document and click "Add," or click "Add New File" to upload a new document

Note that you can select from collections of materials, and filter the list of materials to find particular materials quickly.

Click "Next" when you are finished adding required documents

Enter your personal information

Verify your name and address, select the highest degree you have earned, enter where and when you earned the degree. Note that you can choose not to disclose your education information. Click "Next" when you are finished.

You may need to complete forms required for the application

Simply fill out all forms and click "Next" when you are finished.

Review, confirm, and submit your delivery (application)

This page gives an overview of your progress toward completing the application.

Each section must be completed before you can submit your application.


Manage your applications from the "Deliveries" section of your Dossier account

You may review, edit, and track your Interfolio-hosted positions by navigating to "Deliveries."

Click "Deliveries" on the navigation bar

You will see in-progress and sent deliveries listed with status, notes, delivery type and actions. Click to edit, withdraw, or submit deliveries


Manage your materials through Interfolio

Remember, we keep the materials you use for Interfolio-hosted applications in your Dossier, and with your free account you can use Interfolio to manage all of your supporting materials for academic opportunities. With an upgrade to Dossier Deliver, you can create and send deliveries of your Dossier materials to the places you need them to go!

See here for more information on how to use your account to manage your Dossier materials.


Searching for opportunities through Interfolio:

You can search for interfolio-hosted positions, and include results matching your keywords on the job boards of Inside Higher Ed, HigherEd Jobs, and HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

Click "New Delivery"

Enter search terms under "Find an Opportunity"

Try searching for the name of an institution, a position title, or position type.

A list of open Interfolio-hosted positions matching your search terms will appear. Click the title to view position details such as description, qualifications, etc.

Click "Start Application" to apply

You can also click to include results for your search from Inside Higer Ed, HigherEdJobs, and HERC

This will open a page with results from your search on the selected site.