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Deactivate a Faculty Classification

Faculty Classifications provide a basis for classifying faculty members into useful categories within Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180). They enable tracking of faculty characteristics, such as faculty rank, tenure status, and employment status (full time or part time). Access to manage/deactivate Faculty Classifications is a unit permission. Users will need Full Administrative rights. For more information, check out our article on Defining Unit Administrative Access Rights.


Deactivate Faculty Classification

1. Navigate to Faculty Classifications under Setup

Navigation: Administration > Setup > Faculty Classifications

  1. Click Setup under the Administration section of the navigation menu.
    Administration section with Setup highlighted
  2. Click Faculty Classifications under the Customize section.
    Customize section with Faculty Classification selected

2. Deactivate Faculty Classification

  1. Click the hyperlinked number for the unit corresponding to the Faculty Classification to be deactivated. If necessary, click the plus sign to expand a unit.
    • Click the Unit Change link to select a different unit or subunit, if necessary.
  2. Click the deactivate/activate icon (check mark) that corresponds with the Faculty Classification to be deactivated.
  3. The Faculty Classification is now deactivated.

Important Notes

  • If the option Show as a filter in reports was selected for the Faculty Classification, deactivating does not remove the Faculty Classification filter from the faculty selection tool or the Faculty Classification report. To remove the classification from these areas, edit the Faculty Classification and unselect the option Show as a filter in reports under the Display Type and Report Filtering section.
  • Although the Faculty Classification is inactive, the title cannot be used for another Faculty Classification.