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Use Tags to Mark and Sort Applications

Tags are bits of text that can be added to an applicant's record to help sort, categorize, and quickly identify applications in Faculty Search.

If enabled, committee members can use tags:

  • To identify candidates with significant achievements such as teaching awards or fellowships.
  • To mark progress of an application through the hiring process ("Interviewed," "Shortlist," "Not Competitive").
  • To quickly add comments useful for sorting applications ("Good Teaching Evaluations," "Strong Publications").
  • To mark applications they have reviewed or are responsible for reviewing.
  • To filter the list of applicants and focus on the most competitive.

Committee Managers can also use tags to assign specific Evaluators to a candidate. Tags can be added from the Applications page, the Applicant Profile of an individual candidate, and can also be attached to an application when running an application report.

Navigate to the Applications page for a position

Click Positions in the sidebar to open the list of positions to which you have access.


Check the box next to name of applicant(s) you want to tag

Click "Applicant Name" at the top of the table to select all applicants.


Checking the box next to a name opens a row of links omn the page

The links that appear here are determined by your permissions in the program.


Click the "Tag" link and select the tag you want to apply, or select "Add New Tag" to create  new one


In the default list view, applied tags appear in the same row as the applicant's name

Note that you can set whether or not tags will display by customizing and saving your view of the list


You can also create and add a tag to an application by clicking the "Add" icon in the same row as an applicant's name


You can use tags to filter the list of applications:

Click "Filter" at the top of the list of applications and select one or more tags from the list

Note that the active filters appear across the top of the list of applications.


You can also add and create tags from the Applicant Profile page


Users with access to reporting functions can set tags to display as a report column and add tags to an Applications Report

For more information see the article on how to Create an Applications Report.