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Select an Administrator as Approver Based on Unit and Title

During the process of creating approval templates, an administrator has the option to name another administrator as the approver of a particular position type at the given step based on unit and title.

Select an administrator to approve a position based on unit and title

When indicating who will approve a position at a given step, select "an administrator based on unit and title"

Select the title from the dropdown list

The administrator(s) who hold the title selected will automatically be appointed to approve the position at the current step for the unit in which the position was created.


Add additional administrators as approvers

If necessary, add additional administrators as approvers by selecting an administrator to fill the title designated to approve the position at the current step.

Click "Add Approver"

Search for and select an administrator to fill the title for the unit


Units without approvers

If a unit at or below the unit in which the template is being created does not have one or more approvers with the title selected, the administrator creating the template will see a list of units without approvers, and must choose one or more administrators to fill the selected title for each unit without an approver.