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Filter the Faculty List View

Lifecycle Management  provides a filterable and sortable list of all faculty members with information, such as appointments, ranks, and current event statuses. These filters can be used in tandem to create a useful and accurate overview of the state of faculty and faculty activities at your institution.

To view the Faculty list, click Faculty in the left hand navigation menu for Lifecycle Management.

Using Filters to get the right view of faculty with the Faculty List

You can filter the list by Unit, Rank (Rank Type), and by Current Event Type.

Filter by unit

Select a Unit from the dropdown list to filter the list by organizational unit, such as a college or department.

Filter by rank type

Select a rank from the dropdown list to limit the list to faculty members of a particular rank. Note that the list will be limited by rank type, the standard ranks we support in Lifecycle Management more information on rank type vs. rank name.

Filter by current or upcoming event type

Select an event type from the dropdown list to view faculty members who are currently involved in a particular type of event. For example, if you select Sabbatical as the event type, only those users who are currently under a Sabbatical review or on Sabbatical will appear.

You may also filter by an upcoming event by selecting the "Change" option and choose the upcoming milestone.