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Request & Send Letters of Recommendation to Interfolio-hosted Positions

You can request letters of recommendation during the process of applying to an Interfolio-hosted position. The letters you request will be stored in your Dossier account. You can also attach letters that are already in your Dossier to your application. If the request is attached to a completed application, than the letter will be forwarded when it's received.


Accessing a Position

Click "Apply Now For Free" on a position announcement for an Interfolio-hosted position

If an institution is using Interfolio to run a search, you will be able to apply online just by clicking the "Apply Now for Free" button in the position announcement.

Continue after you finished creating an account:

Or you can search for a hosted position from within Interfolio:

1. To find hosted position in the program, click "New Delivery" from the deliveries page

2. Enter search terms in the box at the lower left of the screen

Try searching for position titles, institution names, fields of study etc.


3. Find the position and click to open

4. Click "Start Application"





Adding a File to your Application

When applying for an opportunity through Interfolio, you are guided through a series of application steps or sections. An overview of the application steps are listed to the right of the screen.


Click "Add File" to add a "Confidential Letter of Recommendation or Evaluation

Add letters of recommendation from your Dossier account, or use Dossier to request a new letter for an application



To add existing letters from your Dossier account, select the letters from the list of existing files and click "Add"

The document will be marked "Received" if it is already in your Dossier

If you select a requested letter that has not yet arrived, the document will be labeled as "Pending"


To request a new recommendation, open the "Request a Recommendation" tab, and click the "Request" button

Fill out the letter request form

The "Confidential Letter of Recommendation" section will only accept the specific number of letter requests listed. However, if an application has an  "Additional Documents" section you can upload other letters/documents to this section as part of your application.


1. Enter (select) the name of your recommender(s)

If a recommender is not in your list contacts, simply click "Add New Contact" to add the writer to your list of saved contacts.

For more information see this article on How to: Add Letter Writers to Your Contact List and Send Letter Requests To Multiple Writers

Otherwise, select the letter writer from the dropdown list

When making a letter request, select the letter writer from the dropdown list that appears when you click in the "Recommender" field.

You can add as many letter writers as you want!  


2. Customize the Auto-Generated Document Title

When you submit your request, we will create a document title for each letter you request, and replace the text variable "%RecommenderName%" with the name of your recommender.

This allows you to personalize each letter request when requesting from multiple writers.

To customize the auto-generated title, click into the "Document Title" field and add text before or after the recommender's name

The text you add will appear in the "Preview" field as shown below.

Note that you can customize the document title, but you must keep the recommender name in the title.


3. Enter information that will be provided to your recommender when viewing and submitting your request

  • Provide a due date for when you need the recommendation.
  • Specify if this is a general recommendation or a recommendation for a specific opportunity.
  • Provide a a website address or text description of the opportunity for which you are applying.

4. Enter a message to your recommender(s)

Note that we will personalize the message by inserting the name of each individual recommender in place of the text variable "%RecommenderName%"

You can click "Preview Request" to see how the message will look to recommenders.

5. Add supporting materials

You can add materials from your Dossier that will be viewable by your letter writer. You can even include materials from collections.

Simply click "Add materials" and select files you want to send along with your request.

Click "Send Request" when you are ready

It's a good idea to check back over your request. Remember, you cannot edit a request after we email the request to your letter writer.


You will see a confirmation screen when you have successfully requested your recommendation

Once you hit send, you should see a confirmation message showing your email was sent.


Review and submit your application

Note that the "Confidential Letter" segment of the Document Requirements application section will be considered satisfied (indicated with a green check mark), and you can submit your application even before requested letters arrive.