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RPT Release Notes: 2021.08.04

This article lists recent changes to the product.

Improved: Autosave committee form response:

Committee manager/member in RPT, can save their committee form response without completing all required questions, so they can save their progress on the form.

  • When an RPT user is editing a committee form response and they blur off of a field (and the value has changed), the form will be autosaved with the details line to changed to ‘Saving’.
  • When an RPT user is editing a committee form response and they blur off of a field and the value has NOT changed, the form will not be autosaved.
  • When an RPT user is editing a committee form response and they blur off of a field, and the autosave fails for any reason, we will show them an alert that there was no autosave and that they need to save manually.

Note: API doesn’t support single field updating.

Fixed: Candidate form cut off in reader:

Fixed issue with Candidates submitting responses to a form (under the character limit) the response was displaying cut off in the packet. When a candidate submits their response to a form, the admin should be able to view the entire response in the reader.

Fixed: Email formatting issues in Outlook:

  • The ‘View Request’ button was hidden when used with white institutional branding white: Added an outline so the button displays against white
  • The institutional logo was oversized: Institutional logo is now no larger than 320 px width.
  • The View Request button was not displayed and looks like letters were cut off: The View Request button now displays as expected.
  • On the reminder email, the button of the View Request button was cut off and would not change when resizing the window, this now displays correctly.
  • Background colors were not properly displaying, displaying only as outlines: The background color now displays to fill the email background.

Fixed: Downloaded Case Information report contains apostrophes that surround data in every cell:

Admin reported issue with downloaded report in RPT as a CSV file. All of the cell contents were bookended by an apostrophe character. This behavior was not affecting downloaded reports from FS or downloaded Forms reports from RPT. When an administrator downloads a Case Information report from RPT, data in cells in this report should not be surrounded by apostrophes.

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