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RPT Release Notes: 2022.03.16

Improved: Candidates can submit forms w/o responses when there are no required questions:

When a candidate form has no required questions, the section is not able to be submitted without responses. At least one question on the form must have a response in order for the requirement to be fulfilled and for the section to be submitted.

RPT candidates can now submit an empty form (no responses) when the form has no required questions, so they can submit their section or packet. The RPT candidate submitting a packet or a section with a form with no required questions that is unfulfilled AND other doc requirements that are unfulfilled they will see the text "Missing answers to required questions."

Added: We now display a "no responses" message for empty candidate forms:

RPT committee manager or admins a re now notified when a candidate form with no required questions was submitted with no responses so they can be sure the "completed" form is correct in showing no data. When a candidate submits a form with no responses because it had no required questions, the user will see a message on the form in the reader - underneath the title and header that reads: "This form contains optional questions for which no answer was provided." The questions will display below.

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