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Candidate FAQ: Using Vita Attachments with RPT

The following information applies to candidates at institutions that have opted to use Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) with Interfolio's Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT). This article describes best practices for adding attachments to FAR records that will be pulled along with a vita into an RPT case.



When should I use FAR to upload materials vs uploading materials to RPT?

In general, if the document is for a current or future review, it should be uploaded to the Case Packet in RPT. If the document is important as evidence of a record, or documentation of an activity, it should be uploaded to FAR and attached to the record it supports.


What are the best file types to use for Vita Attachments?

The most common file and document types used in academia can be read directly in the document reader in RPT. After submitting a file attachment to FAR that file is sent over to RPT where Interfolio will convert that file to PDF format to be displayed in the reader.

Please note that file types not supported by the reader will still appear in the reader as a link that the recipient can download to access the file. Further, if an artifact from FAR can not be properly converted, a link to the file is still presented in the document reader in RPT and should default to providing RPT with the original file itself.


The following text or image based file types can be displayed directly in the document reader as Vita Attachments.

  • DOT
  • ODT
  • WPD
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Links to webpage URLs

Please note that the best practice is always to convert the document files to PDF before uploading. This will give the most control over how the artifacts display.


Links to webpages, and audio and video files that are attached to a vita will display as a URL (link) when the vita is viewed in the document reader. Clicking the link will open the webpage or hosted audio and video in a new browser tab or window.


What should I do if a Vita Attachment fails to transfer over to RPT?

Go back into FAR and re-upload the document that failed to transfer. If one or more of the documents attached to the vita does not convert successfully to RPT, go back to the record with the document attached and try to upload the document again.

  • Files that will not display in the reader:
    • Files with improper extensions (such as a Word document (.doc) extension, that is misidentified as a .zip file)
    • PDFs with complex fonts or highly layered contents
    • Extremely large PDFs
    • Scrollable PDFs
  • Files that are never sent over to RPT as viewable or downloadable will show as file type errors. If an artifact from FAR cannot be properly converted to display in the reader, a link is still provided for the file to be downloaded from the reader. However, the file types listed below will not be sent to RPT.
    • Encrypted PDFs (they have password protection)
    • Corrupt or damaged PDF files (they cannot be read by any PDF reader)
    • Empty size files (of any type 0-byte files (these are most commonly .txt or other plain text file types)
    • Files over 750 MB (of any type)