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Committee Forms FAQ

The following are common questions about committee forms.

Q: Can questions be edited after saving?
Yes, unlike Candidate forms and Case Data forms, Committee Form questions are editable. Once a question has been created it may be revised.

Q: Can an administrator or committee manager complete a form on behalf of a committee member?
No. The form must be completed by the person it was assigned to.

Q: What happens to committee form responses when a case is moved backwards?
As with documents, when a case is moved backwards the completed forms should be present in the case but respect the 'visibility settings' that were selected at the applicable step.

Q: Do numerical question types allow for decimal responses?
Yes, responses with decimals are permitted.

Q: How do you assign a form to specific committee managers/members without assigning it to everyone with that role?
Assign the form to the committee managers/members, then omit the requirement for other individuals from 'Manage Respondents.'

Q: Are there character limits for question responses?
Yes. The chart below indicates the character limits for responses:

Question Type Response Chacacter Limit
Short Answer 300 characters
Text 10,000 characters
“Other” (checkboxes, single select, dropdown 300 characters
Date Questions N/A: Should be in date/time format
Comments (rating) 10,000 characters