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Committee Forms FAQ

Below are common questions about committee forms.


Can questions be edited after saving?

Yes, unlike Candidate forms and Case Data forms, Committee Form questions are editable. Once a question has been created it may be revised.


Can a Unit Administrator, Case Manager, or Committee Manager complete a form on behalf of a committee member?

No. The form must be completed by the person it was assigned to.


What happens to committee form responses when a case is moved backwards?

As with documents, when a case is moved backwards the completed forms should be present in the case but respect the visibility settings that were selected at the applicable step.


Do numerical question types allow for decimal responses?

Yes, responses with decimals are permitted.


How do you assign a form to specific Committee Managers/members without assigning it to everyone with that role?

Assign the form to the Committee Managers or Committee Members, then omit the requirement for other individuals from Manage Respondents.


Are there character limits for question responses?

Yes. The chart below indicates the character limits for responses:

Question Type Response Character Limit
Short Answer 300 characters
Text 10,000 characters
“Other” (checkboxes, single select, dropdown 300 characters
Date Questions N/A: Should be in date/time format
Comments (rating) 10,000 characters