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Use Interfolio Data Service

This article provides an overview and explains how to use Interfolio Data Service (IDS) to quickly and easily add information about scholarly activities to Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180). IDS regularly pulls in data about scholarly activities from several large data sources. On the Homepage matched activities are displayed which can easily be validated and added to account in FAR.


Types of scholarship available via the Interfolio Faculty Data Service include:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Proceedings publications

For more information, check out our FAQ on Interfolio Data Service.


Review, Edit, Accept, and Delete Matched Activities

1. Navigate to Matched Activities on the Homepage

Matched Activities with Activities Needs Review and Activities Accepted

The Matched Activities panel on the FAR Homepage presents the Activities Need Review panel (which presents the number of activities IDS has matched and made available for review) and the Activities Accepted panel (which presents a count of activities already added to account).

  1. Scroll down and click Activities Need Review to review the matched activities.

2. Review, edit, accept, and delete matched activities

Activities matched will appear on the My Records page. This page is a tabbed interface listing information gathered from IDS separated into the following categories:

  • Accepted: lists activities already added to account.
  • Need Review: lists all activities found and ready for review
  • Deleted: lists activities chosen not to add to Faculty Activity Reporting
  1. Click the Need Review tab.
    My Records with Needs Review selected
  2. Edit, Review, and Delete the activities individually or in bulk. Select the tabs below to view more information on reviewing activities.


    1. Click the linked name of of the activity to review.
    2. Fill out the information on the Edit & Accept screen that appears and press Continue to review and accept the activity.
      • Or, click the Delete button to delete the activity.
    1. Fill out information. Note the required fields. 
    2. Click Accept Activity when finished. The Accept Activity button will not appear until all required fields are filled in.

    In Bulk

    Activities cannot be accepted in bulk, they can only be deleted.

    1. Select the checkboxes adjacent to the activities to be deleted.
    2. Click the Delete Selected button above the articles.
    3. To Restore a deleted activity:
      1. Navigate to the Deleted tab under My Records.
      2. Select the checkbox for the activity to be restores.
      3. Click the Restore Selected button that appears above the articles. 

3. Review recently approved activities on the Homepage

Click Home on the navigation menu.

  1. Scroll down to Recently Accepted Activities. Bibliographic information for the last three activities that have been approved will appear here.
  2. Otherwise, click Activities Accepted under the Matched Activities section to view all accepted activities.


What is the Interfolio Data Service?

The Interfolio Data Service is technology that populates the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting module, in bulk, with correct and complete data about the academic work of faculty members.

  • Throughout the year, the Data Service seeks out and pulls in data about academic work faculty members have done, including books, book chapters, journal articles, and proceedings publications. The Data Service comes connected to an expanding group of sources that include over 250 million activities, published and tracked in over 60,000 journals, government systems, and other authoritative outlets.
  • The Interfolio Data Service cleans up the data automatically before scholars see it. This includes formatting the data, making sure different scholars with similar names are connected with the correct data, and consolidating duplicate activities.
  • The Data Service then allows scholars to validate the academic data matched with them. Only after a scholar has validated their data will it be saved to their profile in Interfolio.

How do I use the Interfolio Data Service?

  1. On the Interfolio Homepage, prompts for matched activities will be shown.
  2. Follow the shortcut on the Homepage to validate the activities through the Data Service validation interface.
  3. The activities chosen to accept will be added to the account in the Faculty Activity Reporting module.

What types of scholarly activity will the Interfolio Data Service pull?

The Interfolio Data Service pre-populates Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting with bibliographic data about faculty scholarship pulled in via integration with CrossRef, PubMed, and OpenAlex for easy validation by faculty members or their proxies.

Types of scholarship available via the Interfolio Faculty Data Service:


  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Journal articles
  • Proceeding Publications

Where does Interfolio pull data from? Are the humanities and arts covered?

The Interfolio Data Service taps into a wide range of data sources representing humanities and arts as well as STEM. Today, the Data Service pulls in data via integration with CrossRef, PubMed, and OpenAlex.

Note that the Web of Science by Clarivate currently cannot be connected with the Interfolio Data Service, but can connect with Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting directly (existing functionality).


As always, the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting module still offers all of the existing data input options that it did before.


How does the Interfolio Data Service disambiguate data?

Disambiguation of data is based on:

  • Name
  • Discipline
  • Institution

The Data Service does not disambiguate based upon ORCID because ORCID is not widely adopted enough for coverage. It will remain possible to integrate to 1:1 ORCID accounts within the existing integration via the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting module.


Will this integrate with my on-campus system/sources?

Currently, the only data available to pull in through the Interfolio Data Service is from the sources automatically connected with the Data Service today. Also, the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting module still offers all of the existing data input options that it did before.


Will the Interfolio Data Service fetch information about my activities at regular intervals and load this data into Faculty Activity Reporting?

Yes. At regular intervals, the Interfolio Data Service will be refreshed with current data for all the faculty members listed in the service. 

  • Refreshes will take place twice per quarter (data for all clients will be refreshed at once). 
  • After the Data Service eliminates duplicate entries and verifies the data, it presents the data to the faculty member to validate through a workflow, similar to the activity input workflows existing in the Faculty Activity Reporting module. 
  • Once the citation is validated by a human (faculty member or their proxy), it will appear in Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting.

The Data Service does not present data that is already in the Faculty Activity Reporting module. Deduplication scripts include deduplicating against the Faculty Activity Reporting database so that information and data is not presented twice.