How to: Upgrade or Renew your Dossier Deliver Account

Upgrade at any time by clicking "Upgrade Now" on your Dossier Home page

You can also click "account settings" at the top right of any screen in the program

Select Subscription & Billing, and then Upgrade

On the upgrade page, click "Enter special offer code"

Enter the code given to you by your institution and click "Apply"

You will see a success message confirming that your offer code has been applied to your account

Click "Upgrade Now" at the bottom right of the screen

Renew your account with a code

If you have a special offer code that you would like to use when renewing your account, you can enter the code on your account page, and we will automatically apply the code when your subscription renews.

Note: If you have an offer code for a subscription longer than 1 year, we will apply the full value of your offer code.

Click your name at the top right of the account dashboard and select "Account Settings"

Open the "Subscription & Billing" tab

Click "Apply an offer code to my next renewal"

Enter the code and click "Apply"

We will automatically apply the code when your subscription renews!