About: Letter Quality Checks, "Quality is checked upon arrival", what does that mean?

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, there may be a delay in uploading letters mailed to Interfolio. Letters received electronically will continue to be uploaded and processed as usual.  Additionally, there may be a delay with the letter quality check process for new letters of recommendation. 

QC Letters for Deliver 

  • If you are a Deliver client, we will QC letters for you within 4 business days of their arrival. However, processing could take longer depending on the overall volume of letters received.
  • Interfolio DOES NOT restrict you from using letters still "pending" a quality check.
  • Letters are also checked before being submitted for delivery.
  • Every time you request new letters Interfolio checks those letters for quality.
  • We will provide assistance communicating errors to Letter Writers.
  • Process provides reassurance when your letters are OK and ready to deliver (exposing positive QC results).
User view

Homepage notification:

Deliver users will see notification on the new homepage if any of their requested letters have issues.

Show QC status: Materials page

The status of the letter will appear listed on the materials page.

Show QC status: Letters

The QC status will also appear in a "Quality Check" column on the letters page.

QC Status in Materials

Users will see indication of QC status on Materials page

QC Status on Letters page

Users will see the QC status on the letters page.

Letter view: Requestor View

When viewing a QC'ed letter, the requester sees the results of the quality check with the problem areas noted

The problems are noted and instructions provided on what to do, and the users can also choose to send the letter as-is.

If a letter is not viewable:

If a letter is not viewable, this is indicated in the doc viewer.

Note: The messaging is different than pictured. We tell them only that the letter not viewable.

The file that the writer uploaded was not viewable.

Letter writer view:

No issues:

When no issues are present, there are all check marks.

Letter with issues

Writer will see a screen where they can correct errors by replacing letter.