Enable or Disable Reviewer Comments and Tags

Administrators in Faculty Search can enable or disable comments and tags from the "Permissions" tab of the "Administration" page. When enabled, reviewers can comment on applications, and/or assign tags to applications.

To enable or disable comments:

1. Select the Administration page from the navigation bar

From your Account Dashboard, click "Manage" and select "Administration"

2. Check to make sure you are editing settings for the correct unit or position

4. Select to enable or disable comments

These settings will enable or disable comments for the adminstrative unit you are currently editing and all units below it.

If enabled, reviewers can leave comments on applications that are visible to all reviewers for that position. Blind review can still be turned on for specific positions to prevent reviewers from seeing each others comments.

Check or uncheck boxes to enable or disable comments and labels

To enable or disable tags:

Tags are bits of text that can be added to an applicants record to help sort, categorize, and quickly identify applications.

Scroll down to "Tags" and click to enable or disable tags

Disabling tags will prevent reviewers in the unit you are editing, and all units below from adding tags to applications.