Customize Interfolio to Match the Branding of Your Institution

Institutional Administrators are able to upload a logo and set a custom color to match the branding of their institution.

This article explains how to set the custom branding directly from the Account Dashboard, as well as how to reset branding back to Interfolio defaults.

Recommended specifications for logos:

The following recommendations will ensure your logo is legible.

  • Horizontal/landscape layout preferred but a square is acceptable
  • Transparent .png type
  • Minimum of 80 px tall
  • Text color should have high contrast over the selected background color (e.g light blue text if background will be dark blue)

The image below is a transparent (png) file, set with a blue background.

Logo with transparemt background
Set global custom branding for Interfolio products

Note that the logo you set here will not appear on Faculty Search landing pages. Position logos can be set by unit from the Administration page of a given unit.

1. Select "Branding Settings" from the User Menu in the top right corner of the screen

Click the settings icon on your Interfolio Account Dashboard
Drag and drop or upload an image file (jpg, png, gif) of your logo

3. To choose a primary color, select Change Color

The color you choose will appear in the header and buttons of your site as well as on emails sent from the program.

Change color button

Choose a color from the pallet or enter a hex code that matches the colors of your institution

Choose a color

4. Customize product labels

Institutional administrators can also change the product labels of Faculty180, Faculty Search, or RPT

5. Select "Save" at the bottom to preserve changes

Click Save to open a preview mode of how your site will display to users or "Email" to preview how your emails will appear
Faculty Search: Set logo for positions published by a unit

Users can set the logo for any unit published by a  position. from the Administration section for the individual unit in the Administration section of Faculty Search.

The logo set will be displayed on any position published by this unit. For best results, use a logo with a white or transparent background, maximum file size of 20KB, and in one of the following formats: PNG, JPEG, JPG or GIF.

Set Position Logos

2. Select the unit to edit

Select the unit to edit

3. Select the "Logo" tab and click "Change" to select a logo file

Select the "Logo" tab and click "Change" to select a logo file
Lifecycle Management branding settings

The branding settings for Lifecycle Management can also be accessed from the Platform Administration page of the Lifecycle Management module.

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

2. Click the badge labeled Branding to open branding settings for the module

Click Branding badge to access branding settings
Reset branding to Interfolio defaults

1. At anytime you can reset the branding to the Interfolio defaults by navigating back to "Branding Settings" and then clicking "Reset Branding"

At anytime you can reset the branding to the ByCommittee defaults