Submit a Support Ticket

You can find immediate answers and solutions to common questions about Interfolio products through our Help Center.

If you can't find a solution, you can submit a support ticket for technical support, customer service, or product assistance.

Note: Support tickets work the same as submitting a support request by email. If you prefer, you can still submit help requests by email to

In either case, our support agents read every incoming help request to make sure your questions receive a proper response.

In order to prevent confusion, and to speed up our support agents' response time, please refrain from opening more than one ticket on the same topic.

Access Interfolio's Help Center

Access our Help Center at

Click the "Support" button that appears at the lower right of any page in the Help Center

Fill out all required fields on the help request form and click to submit:

Please make sure you fill out all required fields when submitting a support ticket.

1. Select product name

Select the Interfolio product you are using fro the drop down list.

2. Select a request type

Options include:

  • Bug
  • Feature Request
  • Data Load or Transfer (F180)
  • Modify System Configuration (F180)
  • Support/Question

3. Enter your name, email address and an email subject

Submitting a ticket through this form generates an email to our support personnel. Add a subject so they can quickly reference your request.

4. Describe the issue you are having, and click "Submit"

Remember to be descriptive! Add as much detail as possible about the issue. The more information and context the better. We encourage you to take large screenshots, the more context the better.

The 'Best Practice' format resembles a question similar to this:

"As a (User Type [admin, cm, eval, other]), when I try to [X Action] in [X Location], then [X Result] occurs instead of [desired result]." 

Look for an email confirming that we have received your request

A member of our team will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Remember that support tickets can still be created by emailing a help request to