Committee Forms Reports & Logs

Users can view events related to committee forms in the case activity log which can be accessed from the Case Options menu on an individual case page.

To view the logs, open the case page, click "Case Options," and select 'View Activity Log"

The events recorded include:

  • The initial submission of a form
  • Each time an omission/enforcement is made of a required form for individual committee members
Reporting on Committee Forms

These instructions describe how to access reporting on Committee Forms.

Select form

Open the Select Form dropdown and scroll down to Candidate Forms in the dropdown list, and select a form from the list.

Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio
Select unit

Select a unit from the dropdown list of units, or click to search All Units.

Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio
Select a date range

Set a date range using the calendars to set a From and To date  or click to search Any Date.

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Select packet(s)

Select a packet or case from the dropdown menu or check to select All Cases.

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