Reviewing a Case that Includes a Candidate Vita from Faculty180

Committee managers and committee members reviewing an individual case at an academic institution using the new feature that allows the import of Faculty180 vitas into  Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure cases, can now see the candidate’s vita from Faculty180 and all its attachments presented in RPT's case viewer.

Please note: Currently, this feature is available on an opt-in basis for clients that use both the Interfolio Faculty180 and Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure modules. If you are the institutional administrator for these modules at your institution, and you would like this feature activated, please contact your Interfolio Project Manager (if currently in implementation) or Account Manager (if implementation of both modules is complete at your institution). 

Look for the Vita section of the Candidate Packet (on the Case Materials tab of the case page)

The vita section will appear as part of the Candidate Packet.

Click the title of the vita to open it in the case reader

The vita and any attachments will open in the reader

You can use all of the case reader functions such as search, adding annotations, and downloading when reviewing the vita.

Downloading the Vita:

To download as a PDF or ZIP file, you can check the box next to the vita, select "Download" and choose the format for your download

Or, open the vita and attachments in the reader, and with the vita as the selected media, click the "Download" button and choose "Download Document"