For Candidates: Viewing, Editing, and Submitting a Faculty180 Vita as Part of Your Review, Promotion & Tenure Packet

If you are a Candidate working on a case or submitting sections, and your institution is using our new feature that allows the transfer of Faculty180 vitas and attachments into  Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure cases, you will now see a dedicated vita section containing your vita and any attachments (pulled in from Faculty180) as part of your RPT packet, and you can submit you vita just like any other part of your packet.

When you take advantage of this connection between F180 and RPT, a key piece of your candidate packet assembly work, namely the upload of files, will take place in the Faculty180 module instead of the Review, Promotion & Tenure module. For some types of reviews, this may give new significance to the activity input periods.

Please note: Currently, this feature is available on an opt-in basis for clients that use both the Interfolio Faculty180 and Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure modules.

If you are the institutional administrator for these modules at your institution, and you would like this feature activated, please contact your Interfolio Project Manager (if currently in implementation) or Account Manager (if implementation of both modules is complete at your institution). 

You will see the vita as part of your packet

Make sure you open the Packet tab. Here you will see a  dedicated section containing your vita and attachments pulled in from Faculty180.

Note that the Details column lists the date the vita was generated.

Click "Preview Packet" in the upper right hand corner of the page to preview how the case will appear to reviewers

Click "Preview Packet" in the upper right hand corner of the page to preview how the case will appear to reviewers

The preview will include the vita section as shown below:

Click to submit your vita like any other part of your packet

Click to submit you vita like any other part of your packet

Regenerating/Editing your vita:

Locked vita

Locked vita

A Candidate viewing a packet with a locked Vita section, as shown below, will NOT see an option to edit the vita and CANNOT change the Start and End Dates for the Term Range AND/OR regenerate the Vita and its corresponding attachments.

Vitas are locked by Administrators when creating or editing a template or case.

Regenerate/Edit an unlocked vita

Candidates cannot add, change or remove a Vita Template from an RPT Case, but under certain circumstances, you may be able to change the Start and End Dates for the Term Range, and/or regenerate the Vita.

If your vita is marked as Unlocked, you should see an option to regenerate the vita. Click Regenerate.

When you select to Regenerate the vita, you will see any errors displayed on the Regenerate Vita window.

If no errors are present, click Regenerate button and confirm your choice.

Warning: Regenerating the vita will create a PDF of the vita with any new information added to activities or any information removed from the activities within the specified term range.

Annotations will be removed from any activities that no longer exist.

Click Regenerate