Adding and Managing Users with SSO in RPT

We have introduced features that will help clients to troubleshoot (investigate and solve) problems when users have issues logging in to Interfolio products with Single Sign On.  

Within each of our modules, any user with the Institutional Administrator role can now go into our applications and adjust one field  - SSO ID  - whenever someone may have an issue logging into the application.

Essentially the SSO ID is simply revealing an existing field within the UI.

This is a place in-product Institutional Administrators can use users to spot-check that the proper SSO ID got passed for an individual user, and if necessary, can update SSO ID if someone is having an issue loggin in.

In RPT, this function is accessed when editing a user.

Users and Units > Edit User

Indicate SSO when adding a user to the program

When creating a user in RPT, an administrative user can indicate if the user will use single sign on

Edit or update SSO ID when editing a user

An Institutional Admin in RPT can modify the SSO ID for a user for SSO authentication purposes at any time.

Go to "Users & Groups" in RPT

Finds the user you want to troubleshoot or edit in the list of users

Users with an SSO login are identified by the Key icon to the left of their name.

Open the "SSO Identifier" tab

Edit and Save the SSO ID

Remove SSO ID in RPT:

To remove the SSO ID for a user, follow the steps above, but click the red REMOVE SSO ID button.


Confirm your selection to remove the SSO ID

Note that removing an SSO ID is not recommended and may result in the user losing access to the program. You can always update a user's SSO ID via the SSO Identifier tab.