About Candidate Selection in Case Creation

We have changed the case creation process to help minimize the amount of duplicate users in the system. When creating a case for a user who does not exist in the system, the administrator creating the case is prompted to add the user prior to creating the case. This change is accompanied by a new window where the admin can select the candidate prior to choosing the unit of the case.

What has changed?

Instead of the previous model where an administrator could create a case and assign it a unit/template prior to selecting a candidate, users must now choose a candidate as the very first step in order to create any case.

Before and After Update

Note: As an added benefit, the product update requiring a candidate to create a case means there will be no more cases created named simply “New Candidate” going forward.

Learn more about the process of candidate selection in context:

Why did we make this change?

This change is part of a larger effort to improve the experience of users and administrators of users with more than one Interfolio account.

Duplicate users create confusion and take time to sort out, both for our users  and for the Interfolio team. Changing the candidate selection process is part of working toward a more elegant way of handling user “identity” across our platform. 

The old way of selecting a candidate was contributing to the unintended creation of multiple accounts for the same user, often using email address variations (name@demo.edu vs name@mail.demo.edu vs name@medicine.demo.edu). 

The new requirement to choose a candidate at the beginning of the case creation process should reduce the likelihood of that happening. 

Creating a case when the candidate is not yet a user in the system, or doesn't have an institutional email address at the time of case creation

We know there may be situations where users need to create a case for someone who is not a user in Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure, or where the candidate does not have an institutional email address at the time of case creation. 

You will still be able to create and run cases under these circumstances after this release.

Please see this new Help Center article for a step-by-step guide on how to:

Create a Case When the Candidate Does Not Have an Institutional Email Address

This user experience update in the Review, Promotion & Tenure module is just one way that we’re addressing known issues related to duplicate users. Keep an eye out for more improvements on this front in the near future!