Email Committee Members

Administrators and Committee Managers can email an entire committee or just select members of a committee from within Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure. It's also easy to send these emails to other RPT users not serving on the committee. 

It is also possible to attach files and share committee materials with committees and individuals and request or allow the recipient to respond to attached files, and include their response in the case file.

See here for more information on how to Send a Message with Attached Files to Any Institutional User and Allow/Request a Response in the workflow of a case.

Please see here for more detailed instructions on sharing case materials with committees and other RPT users.

Open the "Case Details" tab

Click "Email" at the top of the list of Committee Members

Indicate who should receive the email

You can specify multiple committees and individuals as recipients.

By default, the message goes to members of the current committee. You can Select "User" and search for one or more Review, Promotion, & Tenure users to add the list of recipients

You can also add other committees and individuals in the workflow of the case as recipients. Click "Committee," and search for or select a committee from the list of committees or individuals

All members of selected committees, and individual users will appear listed as recipients, and you can choose to remove individuals if necessary

Enter a subject and compose your message and click to send

You can preview how the message will appear to recipients before you send it

To add files and allow a response to the files you send:

Click "Add" at the bottom left of the page to share files with the message recipients

No files will be directly attached to the email. Recipients will receive email notification that files have been shared, and will need to login to their account to view the shared files.

Click the "add" icon to select files to share

Click "Enable File Response" to the right of the page if you want users to respond to the file

Check this box to allow recipients to submit a file in response to the message and attached files.

Enter a message reason, and a deadline,

Select the section where you want the response to appear on the case page

Note that share response options are limited to internal sections only.

When an administrator or committee manager shares a file with a committee member and enables the option to submit a response, when the response comes in, the user will only see internal sections of the case listed as available sections where they can place the response file.